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Thing One

Sometimes I think people just like to see whether I actually read submissions to the site or approve them automatically. :-)
Language Name: Thing
Site: NA
Author: Harald Bastardsen
Year Created: 1998
Type: IAL
Unique Factors: Thing is extremely easy to learn, having been designed while the author was profoundly intoxicated.
Other Language Inspirations: This was inspired by every "Universal Language" that came before it, with vocabulary derived more or less from English.
Design Principles: Thing contains merely three grammatical elements:
  • the Noun. In Thing, every noun is expressed by the word "Thing."
  • the Verb. All verbs are simply expressed by the word "Monkey."
  • the Miscellaneity Indicator. All other parts of speech are covered by the word "Smurf."
Grammar is otherwise quite similar to English.
Sample: Thing monkey monkey, smurf thing monkey smurf monkey. Thing monkey smurf! (Having learned the principles of the language above, the meaning of the above text should be clear to even the most dimwitted, therefore no translation will be provided.)
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