LangMaker (langmaker) wrote,

Ads Added

I sold $422.63 of Amazon goods in the second quarter, of which only $21.00 was for an item I recommended. People click through my sixty featured product links and then shop for something else 96% of the time. Weird. Of course I only make 5% when they do that, vs. 15% when they buy something I recommend.

I made a whopping $23.40. Still not close to paying for my book habit. :-)

So I integrated "ads" into the home page. My ads are more subtle than Tom's Hardware. Ahem. Let me know if you really hate them.

Not much to report tonight on the Novvocu front, since I used my free time to program the Visual Basic application I wrote to keep the site up to date. I did start looking at the prepositional system. That's going to be complicated.
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