LangMaker (langmaker) wrote,

Babble On

Apparently everyone has listed their language here, because in the last week there has only been one little addition. :-)

If you've posted your language to a web site, you can add it here by filling out this form:

You can link to your version of the Babel Text from here:

So I haven't posted the Pidanjinu word list yet, because I've been inventing and re-inventing it. I have about 100 root words so far. I started with the Toki Pona list, then went through and deleted words that weren't needed in my pidgin, then added ones I was surprised to miss. I've done that by hand twice. Now I'm looking through some word frequency data to see if I've missed anything obvious.

In other news, I know the name of the language will be changing soon. I just don't know to what.
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